what to expect from your first appointment

Our trained staff are here to support you through this difficult time. During your first appointment you may have a lot of questions:

  • Because I have HIV, will I eventually get AIDS?
  • What can I do to stay healthy and avoid getting other infections?
  • How can I prevent passing HIV to others?
  • How will HIV treatment affect my lifestyle?
  • How should I tell my partner and family members that I have HIV?
  • Is there any reason to tell my employer and those I work with that I have HIV?
  • Are there support groups for people with HIV?
  • I’ve heard HIV medicines are expensive. Are there resources available to help me pay for my HIV medicine?

(MCM) is the provision of a range of client-centered activities focused on improving health outcomes in support of the HIV Care Continuum. MCM activities focus on increasing clients’ knowledge of HIV, goal-setting, and maintaining access to medical care, insurance, and medication assistance programs for HIV treatment. Other areas of assistance consist of assisting clients to obtain other resources to a cohesive system of qualified HIV-related providers.
The program’s goals are to assist clients to:

  • Understand and self-manage their physical and emotional health as well as their overall well-being.
  • Minimizing barriers that may negatively affect their ability to adhere to medical care and treatment.
  • Through MCM, clients may be eligible for financial assistance, food bank assistance, and other resources.

Psychosocial Support Services within La Gente include support groups in order to enhance social support, self-efficacy, self-advocacy, and to reduce social isolation. The program offers two support groups for Spanish-speaking women and men*, respectively, living with HIV. Please contact us for specifics about our groups as dates and times may change. If you are unable to participate in our groups offered, please contact us. The program may offer additional groups in the future based on need/interest. We will do our best to find the right resources to meet your needs.

*Women, transgender women, gay, bisexual, queer, and other men who have sex with men.

Medical Transportation Services include the provision of bus vouchers to program participants in order to eliminate transportation barriers so that they are able to adhere to all scheduled HIV-related appointments and stay engaged in care. Program participants may receive bus vouchers based on monthly appointments to core medical and support services.

HIV, testing is provided to the community at no charge. Testing services are offered by appointment on Tuesday 8am to 11am at 1690 Meade St. and Thursday 2pm – 4pm at 3131 W. 14th Ave. If you are experiencing symptoms of an STI such as an abnormal discharge, genital sores/blisters, etc., please contact a testing clinic near you as soon as possible so that you can be examined by a medical professional and provided treatment immediately. We are happy to assist in connecting you to a clinic near you. Testing dates may vary, as may testing demographic requirements. Please call us if you have specific questions regarding testing, symptoms you may be experiencing, or to sign up for a testing appointment.  Testing services are quick, easy, and confidential.

La Gente provides free safer-sex materials in a strong effort to minimize the incidence of STIs within our community. We provide a wide variety of materials such as male lubricated latex condoms, female or insertive condoms (FC2), dental dams and male non-lubricated flavored condoms for safer oral sex.  We offer regular and flavored water-based lube as well as silicone-based lube. If you have questions regarding the safer-sex materials we offer or would like a demonstration on how to appropriately use and store your materials, please call us anytime. Our staff members are committed to increasing your knowledge so that you can maximize your pleasure yet minimize your risk!

Client-centered activities focused on improving health outcomes in support of the HIV Care Continuum.


Basic Emergency Services

Servicios’ Basic Emergency Services staff assists vulnerable individuals and families out of crisis to achieve self-sufficiency, greater security, and stability in their lives. BES serves diverse client populations including those who are homeless, victims of domestic violence, low & moderate-income families, veterans, people re-entering society post- incarceration, LGBTQ+ community, senior citizens, mixed-status households, and anyone who is having trouble making ends meet. 

Behavioral Health

Our goal at Behavioral Health is to support a thriving community in which all members have the opportunities and support to achieve self-sufficiency and lead a healthy quality of life.

Employment and Financial Coaching

Servicios De La Raza Employment Growth Program’s (EGP) goal is to reduce the barriers that many of our clients face in the workforce, including clients involved in the judicial system. Using online assessment tools, we help job seekers by identifying appropriate career prospects, and then assisting.

From there we assist the client with any application process, which includes updating or building resumes. We assist the client with filling out and sending applications. If there is any testing required by an employer to help the client prepare to ensure success. EGP also helps find educational opportunities that might help clients retain higher-paying employment or a preferable position. This can be through a union, apprenticeship, or trade school.

Victim Services

Servicios’ VISTAS team is prepared to work with a victim in crisis through their healing process, anywhere from a day to multiple years. There are no timelines to our services. We understand the value of being with a client during the transition from crisis to thriving and support them along that path.

The VISTAS team understands how important it is to keep victims and their families safe and thriving. Victimization is not something a person must go through alone; it is a community issue that we continue to fight for the voiceless. Our crisis line is available 24 hours a day for victims and providers to access in times of crisis across Colorado at 303.953.5930.